Tesla phone 5G 2022: News, Price, Release Date, Specs!

Tesla phone 5G 2022: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors!! Hello, there is good news for you today. Because the topic of discussion today is the most talked about smartphone at the present time. Anyway, are you all well? We hope all is well with the grace of God. However, the topic of today’s discussion is the upcoming Tesla phone. So will we really get to see this phone or will this imaginary smartphone remain in our imagination?

This Tesla phone has been discussed in the media for a long time. So we have a lot of doubts about whether we will see this device in 2022/2023. Our team thinks that this Tesla phone will not be released in 2022/2023/2024. However, I will highlight some features about this device.

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Tesla phone 5G 2022 Satellite Internet:

This new device will get space-based internet service. You know, Starlink has a close relationship with Tesla. The idea is that Tesla phones have the potential to help finance the Mars colony. Now they need to find a way that will only hide the huge antennas in satellite phones. It will work where it already has a Starlink base service.

Tesla phone 5G 2022

Tesla phone 5G 2022 Solar Charging:

If Tesla can really provide solar charging, then the sale of other devices will really hit the market. The phone is expected to rely solely on solar. It may have a Tesla-branded case that enables some amount of solar charging.

Tesla phone 5G 2022 Neurallink support:

Neurallink is the idea of ​​a computer interface with the brain. It’s still fiction, and Neuralink is a company that works on it. They say they are designing “the first neural implants that allow you to control a computer or mobile device wherever you go. With the activity of your brain, think about it.”

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Tesla phone space and hardware

This new device is full of new technology. Many have already been surprised by the features of this device. Because this device has the ability to work tremendously. However it will have all the standard components, such as 1-2 TB of storage, 16 GB or more of RAM, an AMOLED display and a screen of about 6.5 inches.

Tesla phone 5G 2022 price

As it is an advanced technology, the price of this phone can be more than a few thousand dollars Tesla is an advanced technology smartphone. The estimated price of this phone is $ 800- $ 1,200.

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